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5 Essential Elements For medicine

5 Essential Elements For medicine penyakit-dan-obatnya

Hashimoto’s illness a progressive disorder on the thyroid gland with degeneration of its epithelial components and substitute by lymphoid and fibrous tissue.

n a disturbance in the periodontium. Conditions affecting the periodontium include things like intense and necrotizing varieties, along with gingivitis.

von Hippel-Lindau illness Retinal haemangioblastoma involving one or each eyes connected to similar tumours during the cerebellum and spinal wire and at times cysts in the kidney and pancreas. Ophthalmoscopic evaluation demonstrates a reddish, a little bit elevated tumour.

ordinarily defined being a finite abnormality of structure or perform with the identifiable pathological or clinicopathological foundation, and which has a recognizable syndrome or constellation of scientific indicators.

(fileī´brōsis´tik mū´kōvis´idō´sis), n a hereditary defect of the majority of the exocrine glands in your body, such as the salivary glands. The secretion of your afflicted mucous glands is abnormally viscous.

Oguchi’s condition a form of hereditary night time blindness and fundus discoloration following mild adaptation.

a problem as a consequence of dietary or metabolic deficiency, like all health conditions attributable to an inadequate source of crucial nutrients.

reversible obstructive airway disorder a problem characterized by bronchospasm reversible by intervention, as in bronchial asthma.

(kol´əjin), n a group of ailments affecting the collagenous connective tissue of numerous organs and systems.

gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD) any affliction ensuing from gastroesophageal reflux, characterised by heartburn and regurgitation; see also reflux esophagitis. Gaucher’s illness a hereditary problem of glucocerebroside metabolism, marked by the presence of lihat detail Gaucher’s cells from the marrow, and by hepatosplenomegaly and erosion on the cortices of very long bones and pelvis.

n.pr a panhypopituitarism resulting from destruction of your pituitary gland, typically from hemorrhage or infarction.

Norrie’s illness An inherited X-linked recessive condition characterized by bilateral congenital blindness. It can be a result of mutation within the norrin gene (NDP). The Original ocular presentation is leukocoria.

hyaline membrane disease a kind of respiratory distress syndrome of your newborn through which There is certainly development of a hyaline-like membrane lining the terminal respiratory passages; extensive atelectasis is attributed to insufficient surfactant.

n a hemolysis attributable to isoimmune reactions linked to Rh incompatibility or with blood transfusions during which You can find an incompatibility from the ABO blood process.

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